The Best Spring Cleaning Ideas You've Never Thought Of

Considering the fact that spring officially starts tomorrow (despite the unseasonable weather that has affected certain parts of the country), we thought we’d do a little post dedicated to that yearly ritual known as spring cleaning. Put a new a spin on your traditional deep clean with these refreshing ideas guaranteed to de-clutter, organize and restore harmony to your space.

Expand Your Repertoire

We all know that spring cleaning involves sweeping, dusting and disinfecting, but it doesn’t have to stop there. On the Spring Cleaning 365 blog, we found several ingenious tips to incorporate into the generic, and generally uninspired, spring cleaning routine. For instance, their experts recommend replacing the batteries in your smoke detector (and that carbon monoxide detector, while you’re at it), and getting your taxes in order now so that you’re not scrambling to get the paperwork together at the last minute. 

Think Pin

It’s true. We spend hours pouring over images on Pinterest; and if you’re familiar with the site, you know how easy it is to get sucked down the rabbit hole of holiday-themed cupcakes and adorable puppies. But while researching this article, we searched “Spring Cleaning” on Pinterest, you know, just because, and found tons of awesome ideas! One user pinned an image of how to properly fold a fitted sheet (something we thought impossible). We also saw unique storage solutions and cleaning tips.  

Go With the Flow

Feng shui is all about the flow, and if you’re feeling stifled – either physically or spiritually – you’re likely to benefit from the infusion of some feng shui principals into your spring purge. We like’s comprehensive guide to the Eastern practice that is full of holistic ideas such as using essential oils and introducing air purifying plants into your home and office to enhance positive energy, or qi (pronounced chi).

Get Tech-nical

Have you ever considered how dirty your computer is, both inside and out? Keyboards and screens are a breeding ground for bacteria because they are in constant contact with human hands, so it’s a good idea to give yours a once-over more than once a year. And then there’s the hard drive that keeps crashing because it’s full of useless files you didn’t even know you had. Editors at share their secrets on getting that laptop squeaky clean and clear for a whole new crop of baby pictures. 

Make That Money

If you’re clever, you can even make a little money while you’re sprucing up your space. Everyone has that closet, basement or garage overflowing with unused (but still entirely functional) items. Consider selling those old bikes or last year’s electronic equipment on Craigslist, eBay or If you’re new to hawking your goods on the web, check out this guide from the how-to gurus at They provide helpful hints like taking photos of your stuff, creating a compelling ad and how to avoid getting ripped off. 

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