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Lightake ships a huge range of items from China and Hong Kong at prices that seem unbelievably low. These products range from small trinkets all the way to normally expensive high-tech electronics. Their selection is truly huge. It covers almost every imaginable category and interest.

Video games, equipment, and movies meant to be played through the PlayStation 3's Blu-ray player are just some of the things available at Lightake. Wireless controllers and movies are priced at shockingly low rates. How low is low? It's best to simply say that you would pay about the same for a controller if you went to a garage sale--but at Lightake, the controllers are new. As for the movies, it is unlikely that renting them would result in a savings.

Lightake's digital cameras are definitely worth highlighting. They sell for about half the price that would be obtained by going to a local big box store. The company offers many cameras that are adorned with logos from children's movies. There is also a good selection of the devices with the latest grown-up styles. Those who reminisce over the age of film will be in for a pleasant surprise: Lightake has a selection of inexpensive 35-millimemter cameras. These disposable, waterproof cameras come loaded with enough film to take 27 pictures.

Sometimes, the point of an item is simply to be fun. Lightake has a huge amount of fun products like LED light devices, mechanical puzzles, fun keychains, grenade-shaped lighters, and other novelties. Many of these goodies cost less than $5, so they're great for buying on a whim.

On the other end of the spectrum, Lightake has a selection of professional-grade electronics and other devices. Automobile diagnostic equipment is one example of this end of their line. These machines hook into a car's computer to read its error codes and give mechanics solid leads on what parts need repair. Lightake's prices make it possible for do-it-yourselfers to obtain shop-style equipment without breaking the bank.

Even items that seem mundane are exciting at the low prices offered by Lightake. Clothing, jewelry, handbags, lingerie and more are sold at wholesale prices that are almost unheard of at physical stores. Style-wise, the selection will appeal to teens and the young at heart. There is also an array of handbags and other items that will speak to those who are immersed in internet culture.

The question of how Lightake keeps its prices so low is so common that they actually answer it. According to the company, they do it by keeping small inventory, ordering daily, and having their warehouse next door to their suppliers. Whether or not there is more to it, one thing is clear: Lightake's prices are unbeatable.


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