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Help out the Coupon Craze community by rating and commenting on your favorite stores! is an independent publishing agent that offers more than 4,000 publications at incredibly discounted prices. Those who subscribe to magazines or other publications through can expect to receive free magazines, discounted magazine subscriptions, suggestions for gift subscription ideas, free gifts, coupons, and offers for other discounts.

Magazines from are convenient as well as affordable. The website makes it simple to not only find the title of one particular magazine, but to find a magazine based on a general category. There are magazines focused on business and finance, cooking and food, and much more. Magazine shoppers can find titles devoted to entertainment and television, fashion and fitness. There are more magazines with categories both general and specific. It is easy to find magazines devoted to home and gardening, men's interests, teen interest, and women's interest. It is almost impossible to think of a category and not find a magazine, or more likely several magazines, devoted to that topic.

With literally thousands of magazines to choose from, is a great place to shop for a gift. There are magazines devoted to history for history buffs, and there are news magazines for those interested in current events. For people who get involved in hobbies, there are general hobby magazines, and there are magazines devoted to one specific hobby. It is also easy to go to the website and search to find the titles devoted to a specific hobby.

Sending a magazine subscription is a great way to show someone that you spent time before choosing a gift. These are affordable gift subscriptions that often cost pennies on the dollar compared with the cover price of a magazine. A gift subscription can be chosen at based upon an event, such as baby shower or graduation, or by personality and interest, such as homemaker or handyman. There are also options to choose a gift based on price. offers gift cards for those buyers who know that a magazine would make a great gift but aren't certain what magazine to get. Gift cards are a convenient and safe way to give a magazine subscription as a gift without worrying about getting the wrong magazine title or getting a title that the person already subscribes to. Not only is getting a gift certificate easy for the "gifter," but it is easy for the "giftee" to use.

With dozens of categories and thousands of magazines to choose from at, it is easy to find a magazine for a particular interest, or for a particular person as a gift. With an easy to navigate website and prices that are easy to swallow, has hundreds of choices for people who like to read and who like to keep up with innovations and changes.

Comments casey v.


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

wow Sue

Sue said:

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bought my husband a subscription to Men’s Health for just $10. Crystal R.

Crystal R. saved Up to 93% off Perfect Gift at

Monday, January 7, 2013

Love It!!!!!!!

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