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Northwest River Supplies, NRS, was founded in 1972 by Bill Parks. Parks was introduced to paddle sports in the 1960 and became enthralled with the sport as a hobby. He opened the business as a sideline job while he was teaching on staff at the University of Oregon. The business venture gave Parks the opportunity to test his knowledge and put the practices he taught his college business students into practical use.

Beyond the classroom experiment, NRS provided numerous opportunities for Parks to interact with other enthusiasts and the business made quality equipment affordable for budget conscious boaters. Parks runs NRS with the belief that a business can provide pleasure and enjoyment along with a solid bottom line.

NRS continues to expand the product line and add retail partners to meet the needs of paddle sports enthusiasts. The company is also a discount merchandise provider for resellers, non-profit and government agencies and water sport programs across the nation.

Many of the products developed for NRS and sold under the NRS brand came from inspiration, tenacity and ingenuity during the early days in business. One example of this ingenuity is the much sought after Bill's Dry Bag. The bag got its start in Bill's garage and was originally modeled after an army surplus delousing bag used by the military. Working on a tight budget with a design developer with a heart and through some good luck, Bill was able to add this product to his line for use on the water. Many companies have followed suit with their own version of a dry bag for outdoor sports, but none can compare to the original Bill's dry bag.

Customers will find a large selection of garments and accessories made for water sports under the NRS name. Other gear such as camping equipment, safety kits and some hiking and camping clothing are sold under other brand names through NRS.

NRS products are available widely in the United States and some international locations. The website provides a handy tool to check for local dealers in regions, states and countries with just two or three clicks. NRS is always looking for new retail outlets and encourages inquiries from around the world.

Additionally, in keeping with the company tradition to make paddle sports and boating affordable for everyone, the company offers discounts through merchant promo codes and to select organizations by application. Applications are accepted from Rescue Supply Dealers, Government Agencies and Water Sport Program sponsors like camps, schools and non-profit organizations. Applications are available upon request and each one is considered separately.

NRS serves consumers directly and through third party retail merchants. Their products are seen in rivers, creeks, lakes, oceans and any place there are people enjoying outdoor sports on or near the water. NRS sells gear, supplies, clothing and tools to enhance the outdoor experience for customers and students considering becoming involved in water sports. This is a company that is fully committed to providing reliable gear at budget friendly prices to everyone across the board.


NRS Barbara Cardona

What I like about NRS is that

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

What I like about NRS is that they always have good deals on apparel.

NRS sam p

this site rocks

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

this site rocks

NRS tod

tod said:

Monday, January 7, 2013

Good deals on kayak and rafting gear.

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