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Oncourt Offcourt is the brainchild of Joe Dinoffer, a world-acclaimed tennis professional. Since 1994, Oncourt Offcourt has advanced to become a leader in the field of tennis training tools and practice equipment. The company offers a full line of aids to improve, teach and play tennis on every level from beginner to professional circuit player. Coaches will find information and equipment to assist their students to reach their full potential.

The site offers a library of instructional videos and articles by Dinoffer from his extensive career experiences in more than 50 countries. Monthly newsletters keep customers up to date on the latest technological developments in training aids and dedicated tennis equipment for on-court and off-court activities.

Customers will find products and training tools developed by Dinoffer targeted mainly toward tennis and fitness with an emphasis on coaching and educational tools. As the founder of Oncourt Offcourt, Joe brings more than 30,000 hours of instruction in clinics and exhibitions across the globe. He has the distinction of being a member of both the Professional Tennis Registry and United States Professional Tennis Association and has been awarded the Tennis Industry Excellence Award. Customers will find access to Joe's knowledge through seven books, over two dozen DVDs and numerous articles and television shows airing on the Tennis Channel. All of this experience has been incorporated into the innovative designs and applications for the products offered by Oncourt Offcourt.

Some of the products available include ball machines, training balls and baskets, backboards and court lining supplies. Some tennis products are tailored for specific age brackets or fitness levels. Color-coded tennis balls that fit the specs for Quick Start Tennis programs come in a variety of quantities for easy access and storage. Large quantities are available for schools and facilities that require higher volumes and coupon codes are available. There are many options to engage even the youngest players. Kids three years to 10 years learn about tennis with games, larger racquets that are easier for small hands to hold and control and soft balls to prevent injuries. As the name implies, the company sells equipment for on court and off court tennis activities.

Oncourt Offcourt is a unique online company focused on advancing the sport of tennis for people of all ages. The owner is committed to providing training and instructional devices to challenge and strengthen the skills of the novice and to address problem areas for the experienced tennis player. Coaches working with students have reported that using the programs and training tools improves individual and team performance with remarkable success. Customers visiting the website will find a broad range of products and accessories designed with safety features and packed with entertainment value.

Dinoffer plans to keep writing books, producing DVDs, giving motivational speeches, and attending clinics to support fellow enthusiasts and encourage others to join in the sport. Oncourt Offcourt offers a truly unique product line developed to enhance tennis performance and encourage new participants to get enthusiastic about the sport.


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