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Are you a self-proclaimed geek? Even if you keep your geeky side under wraps most of the time, you'll want to check out the ThinkGeek website, which is the ultimate source of all the items that a geek goes crazy for. Advertise your geek pride by purchasing one of ThinkGeek's shirts with clever phrases and pictures. You can also purchase sweatshirts, ties, hats, and jewelry to add to your geek-related attire. To really announce your geekiness, consider buying a Star Trek bathrobe, Star Wars bathrobe, Monty Python killer rabbit slippers, or zombie slippers and hat. With the wide array of apparel offered at ThinkGeek's website, you'll have fun sporting your geekiness.

Since we all have a little bit of geekiness, even if it be deep down, ThinkGeek offers a wide range of products meaning you're sure to find items that speak to your inner (or outer) geekiness.

For example, the company offers various edible products, such as bacon-flavored croutons, bacon salt, canned unicorn meat, and wasabi gumballs. Some of these products you'll be tempted to buy just to use as humorous office decor.

Of course, you're probably interested in learning what type of geek gadgets are sold at ThinkGeek. Well, you certainly won't be disappointed. You'll find car gadgets, laser pointers, cell phone accessories, watches, ecofriendly items, and tools such as a titanium spork.

The security and spy category is also sure to be a crowd pleaser. Choose from rear view spy sunglasses, night vision binoculars, a disappearing ink pen, and many other items you always dreamed about having while you were growing up.

For more-practical items, browse the products in the computer-related section and the home and office section. If you're on a budget, browse by price range (there's a good number of products under $10), check in the clearance section, and sign up for the Geek Points program. By signing up for Geek Points, you'll earn points each time you make a purchase, and when you have earned enough points, you can redeem the points for great geeky items. (ThinkGeek also says that when you sign up for the program, rainbows will "shoot out of your favorite Internet device," but that's yet to be verified.)

As you'll learn by visiting the ThinkGeek website, the company perfectly understands geeks and offers products that appeal to the basic geek instinct. So whether you have been dying for astronaut ice cream or know someone else who is, look no further than ThinkGeek. Warning: You'll likely end up getting a lot of laughs from browsing through the great products...and will likely end up purchasing more than just the ice cream.


ThinkGeek Garrett Davis

I enjoy thinkgeek because it

Thursday, May 23, 2013

I enjoy thinkgeek because it has items from a bunch of websites and games I go to. Plus, its easy to get a gift card to one place, then have to ask for a bunch of different gift codes.

ThinkGeek darren

funny gifts for friends

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

funny gifts for friends

ThinkGeek Daniel Schmitz

Daniel Schmitz saved Buy 1 Get 1 Free Annoy-a-tron:

Sunday, January 27, 2013

its cool

ThinkGeek Clark

Clark saved Up to 30% off Clearance Items:

Friday, November 23, 2012

I think ThinkGeek is a pretty awesome sight with a lot of variety in what is offered.

ThinkGeek Tina

Tina saved Up to 30% off Clearance Items:

Monday, November 19, 2012

I love think geek

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