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Planning your holiday in the U.S.? Tired of going through hundreds of travel brochures to find the perfect holiday package for your family? Try Travelodge and you will not be disappointed. The merchant is one of the trusted names in offering genuinely lower rates and a high degree of service and modus operandi. Travelodge has its own booking facilities in Atlanta, Austin, Las Vegas, Miami or Tampa...all these and many more tourist destinations. Enjoy your stay in top-notch hotels with rooms equipped with state-of-the-art amenities without burning a big hole in your pocket. You also get to earn valuable reward points with your stay at Travelodge.

Its pocket-friendly vacation packages are simply irresistible. Get your conveyance facilities arranged with your hotel reservations for no extra charges. To enhance your stay, all the hotels offered are absolutely smoke-free environments, and you also get a lavish complimentary breakfast. Its friendly customer care representatives welcome the challenge of fulfilling guests' needs and assuring their satisfaction.

Travelodge offers hosts of travel options to its visitors. Browse using the site map to get complete information about the company and services provided. Making your reservations using the Search option is fun and easy. Fill in your details regarding destination, dates, number of people and rooms to be booked, and Travelodge finds you the best hotel at the best internet rate guaranteed. Besides, there are numerous discount plans for AC and AARP members, government Officials and senior citizens. To optimize your stay, you are provided with Travelodge free shipping features between some destinations for no added cost. For any details regarding your bookings, contact its knowledgeable customer team by email or phone. Travelodge aims to exceed the expectations of guests in every way. Go through the FAQs for answers to general questions.

Making online reservations at Travelodge is convenient, fast and secure. The merchant provides you with numerous hotel package deals to choose from. Get access to the top-rated hotels in Anaheim, Atlantic City, Galveston, Los Angeles, Orlando, Palm Springs, San Francisco, Virginia Beach and several other hot tourist destinations only at Travelodge. At anytime you can modify, cancel or make new reservations with no service charges. With its pet-friendly locations, you no longer need to leave your furry friend at home. Use Trip Finder Vacation Packages to create your own vacation packages within minutes. When traveling in big numbers, use Group Travel to get special rates and save a few extra bucks. Travelodge offers you numerous booking options to help you find the package that best suits your budget. You are provided with useful travel information to maximize your stay.

Travelodge respects your privacy and refrains from using personal information for commercial purposes. Register at the website to get firsthand details on exciting offers and special savings. Customer care members are committed to providing you only the best deals with maximum benefits on a minimum budget. What's holding you back? Pack your bags and get going!


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Saturday, April 13, 2013


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