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VisionDirect is a leading national provider of contact lenses. It provides consumers with various brands of contact lenses, and its employees ensure that customers receive the brand and the prescription that is right for their eyes. In addition to selling contact lenses, it offers a variety of other eye-care products.

VisionDirect sells all of the top brands of contact lenses, including Bausch & Lomb, Acuvue, Clearsight, CIBA Vision, FreshLook, ProClear and many others. In addition, it sells lesser-known brands such as Biofinity. Its lenses cover almost every special need that consumers might have. For instance, VisionDirect offers monthly or weekly disposable lenses, Toric lenses, gas permeable lenses and many other lens varieties.

Besides contact lenses, VisionDirect sells reading glasses in many different strengths and styles. It also sells a range of goggles and sunglasses for wear with contacts. Shoppers can even order their contact solution. VisionDirect carries all of the major brands of solution and cleaner as well as some lesser-known, environmentally safe products. It sells eye drops, lens cases, and other eye care accessories. VisionDirect carries so many eye-care products that customers will never again have to prowl the aisles of a drugstore scanning shelves for products. Consumers who travel frequently will appreciate that VisionDirect sells bottles of contact lens solution that have been specially created to adhere to the strict federal standards for taking liquids onto airplanes.

When ordering contacts off the VisionDirect website, consumers can save both time and money. Because VisionDirect does most of its business online, it has considerably less overhead than many other companies. Thus, its prices are cheaper than the prices charged by most mainstream contact lens vendors. In most cases, its prices are even less when the consumer buys more than one box of lenses.

Customers who choose to work with VisionDirect do not have to worry about standing in long lines or filling out long forms. They can quickly enter the information about their prescription on the website and then submit the order with just a few clicks of a mouse. If it is convenient, they can take a few minutes to fax their contact lens prescription to VisionDirect. However, if they are short on time or do not have the ability to send a fax easily, they can request that VisionDirect get the prescription directly from their optometrist.

The shopping process at VisionDirect is simple and fast. Consumers can shop from the comfort of their own home, and they can get absolutely everything that they need to ensure that they can see well. While using VisionDirect, consumers will save money and time, and within only a few days, they will have the vision products that they need in their mailbox.


Vision Direct Nancy

So glad I found vision

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

So glad I found vision direct. They have really good prices on reading glasses which is good for me because I’m always losing mine.

Vision Direct Kitty Churchill

Thanks for saving me 25% off

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Thanks for saving me 25% off contact lenses. Every penny counts.

Vision Direct Cate

You have the best coupons for

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

You have the best coupons for VisionDirect. Thanks :)

Vision Direct Jill Malone

Jill Malone said:

Thursday, January 3, 2013

I was a first time customer and got 15% off my contact lens purchase

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